GENERAL INFO ARTISTS: Javi Guzman & Frances Leone
    TRACK NAME: I Got You
    KEY: F min
    BPM: 130

    SUBMISSIONS BEGIN: March 10th 00:00

    SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: April 29th 23:59


    1st PLACE PRIZE -300€
    -DistroKid pro account free forever.
    -Videocall with Punyaso.
    -Videocall with Nico Astegiano.
    -Videocall with Javi Guzmán.
    -Exclusive Samplepack from Punyaso/Shade K.
    -Wildcrow Sample Pack Vol. 1
    -Wildcrow Build Ups Pack.
    -Meeting with an A&R from Different Records.
    -Meeting with an A&R from Elektroshok Records.
    -Meeting with an A&R from Space Pizza Records.
    -Meeting with an A&R from Funktasty Crew Records.
    -Your remix will be uploaded to Punyaso Tunes(Youtube Channel).
    -Placement on some Spotify Playlists.

    2nd PLACE PRIZE -200€
    -DistroKid pro account free forever.
    -Wildcrow Sample Pack Vol. 1
    -Placement on some Spotify Playlists.

    3rd PLACE PRIZE -100€
    -DistroKid pro account free forever.
    -Wildcrow Sample Pack Vol. 1
    -Placement on some Spotify Playlists.

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1. Write your email and you will get an email with the acapella, midis, stems and the cover photo in a few seconds.(IMPORTANT: CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER AND ALSO YOUR "PROMOTIONS" FOLDER)

2. Use the files we sent you by email and create a hit!
3. Once your remix is finished, upload it to Soundcloud on PUBLIC MODE and use the cover photo we sent you by email.
4. The name of the track must be: Javi Guzman & Frances Leone - I Got You (your name Remix Contest)
Example: Javi Guzman & Frances Leone - I Got You (Punyaso Remix Contest)
5. Send the mp3 320kbps file of your remix and the SoundCloud link to:
6. All the remixes will be posted on this link:SEE PARTICIPANTS a couple days each submission
7. The winners will be announced a few days after the deadline on Javi Guzman's and Frances Leone's Instagram: @javiguzmandj @francesleone1


1. You have to use some of the files we sent you, although it's not necessary to use all of them. It has to sound like a remix.
2. No plagiarising.
3. Follow @javiguzmandj and @francesleone1 on Instagram.


1. You don't have to vote for anything or anyone, just make a hit.
2. If you upload a instagram story, don't forget to tag @javiguzmandj and @francesleone1, they'll probably share it :)
3. If your remix doesn't appear on the list a couple days after your submission, send a dm msg to @javiguzmandj on Instagram.
4. You can make the remix in ANY musical style you fancy!.
5. In addition to the cash prize, the winners will also get a share of the royalities generated by their song.
6. The original release and its backing tracks are recorded at 130 BPM, but you are welcome to do the remix to your liking.
7. You don't have to pay for anything.
8. Don't use too many loops!


1. Do you like DistroKid? Get a 7% off your first year's membership: distrokid.com/vip/javiguzman .